Worker safety training courses

SiQ is active in the design, organization and management of training courses in the field of worker safety. Training courses can be customized in the mode of delivery, namely in-person or distance learning through online (FAD) modes, according to the specific needs of the company. SiQ lecturers are experienced training professionals, possessing the qualifications required by the regulations and working in the field of health and safety.

  • Training in the area of safety in the workplace
    (general for workers, specific for workers, comprehensive workers low risk, comprehensive workers medium risk, comprehensive workers high risk, for RSPP technician, for RSPP employer, for manager, for supervisor, specific firefighting, for worker representative, behavioral BBS, etc.)
  • Training in safety of the equipment
    (AWP with and without outriggers, PPE 3rd category, scaffolding, earthmoving equipment, high and low tower cranes, truck-mounted cranes, jib cranes, front-end forklifts, telescopic forklifts and rotary telescopic forklifts, truck-mounted cranes, tractors, CLS pump, road signs, PEC/ENEL, PES/PAV+PEI, ladders and scaffolding, overhead crane, vibratory paver, road roller, pile driver, diaphragm excavator, brush cutter, chainsaw, ropes and chains, etc.)
  • Training in construction site safety.
    (first entry to the construction site, construction workers, scaffolding erection and dismantling worker, work equipment operators, worksite equipment and organization, the construction site safety documents, confined spaces, work at heights, facilities, etc.)
  • Training in the area of safety in the health sector
    (First Aid, CME, Blsd-Defibrillator, etc.).
  • Training in the area of safety in the food industry
    (food and non-food handler, food industry manager, food personnel, etc.).
  • Training in the field of privacy
  • Higher Education