Safety and quality

What we do

SiQ is a company established to provide services in safety and quality process management.

Our mission is to help organizations improve safety conditions in work environments and facilitate them in their process management tasks.
Turning an obligation into an advantage is the expectation of our clients.
We have made it our goal.

Specifically, the areas in which we predominantly work are construction site and corporate health and safety, as well as business management systems and organization.

SiQ consists of professionals with many years of experience gained in relevant national contexts and technicians with expertise from the manufacturing, infrastructure, service, commercial and general business sectors,engineering, education and civil law.

Planning and analysis

Our method

Ours is a solid company that bases its operations on an effective system of organization and management that ensures the right solution to the specific problem, optimizing time and costs, with the guarantee of a quality result.

Careful and timely initial planning, based on understanding the client’s real needs and data and situation analysis, allows us to best manage each project

All this enables us today to be able to respond effectively and efficiently to the diversified needs of each customer.


ISO 9001

A guarantee not only for efficient production processes, but also more credibility in the market and on an image level.


Example Partnership

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