Health and safety at construction sites

Fulfillment of obligations under the Consolidated Law on Health and Safety at Construction Sites

SiQ is a company dedicated to providing services in safety and quality. Consulting, management, training, and direct hiring services for regulated roles cover safety in the workplace (Legislative Decree 81/08) and the processes of companies in the areas of organization and quality.

Specifically, our services affect construction sites, companies, training and quality.

SiQ, thanks to the experience, expertise and qualification of its team of experts, fulfills the roles and obligations, for the client, required by the Unified Text for Health and Safety at Construction Sites (Title IV Legislative Decree 81/08).

  • Appointing the Safety Coordinator in the Design Phase (CSP)
  • Appointing the Safety Coordinator during Execution (CSE)
  • Appointing the Construction Manager (RL)
  • Assistance to the Single Project Manager (RUP)
  • Preparation of safety and coordination plans (PSC)
  • Processing of Work Files.
  • Preparation of specific Operational Safety Plans (SOPs)
  • Preparation of scaffold assembly use and dismantling plan (PiMUS)
  • Comprehensive on-site management of all obligations to be fulfilled by the Employer and the Contractors and Executors